Maine / New Brunswick Cultural Agreement

For six years, TIMA played a leadership role, in concert with other cultural leaders in both Maine and New Brunswick, that led to the establishment of an official cultural agreement between the state and the province in 2010. The official cultural Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed that year by Maine’s governor, John Baldacci, and New Brunswick’s premier, Shawn Graham, can be viewed here. The MOU established a cultural task force, made up of members from both Maine and New Brunswick, that is charged with facilitating greater cultural exchange between the state and the province. TIMA is a founding and long standing member of the task force which meets annually in person (alternating between a Maine location and a New Brunswick location) and  virtually through conference calls every 6-8 weeks. More information about this cultural initiative can be found here: Government of New Brunswick and Maine Arts Commission. Below is a short, nine minute film that TIMA commissioned New Brunswick media production company, Hemming House Pictures of Saint John, New Brunswick, to produce about a Maine / New Brunswick printmakers exchange that TIMA organized and sponsored in Eastport, Maine in 2010.

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