Cultural Talks

Each year, TIMA presents a series of cultural talks ranging from artist talks by artists participating in TIMA’s StudioWorks Artist-in-Residence program to architects and historic preservationists. TIMA expects to expand upon this series of talks in the future.

2017 Cultural Talks

May 31: Artist Talk, Elizabeth Bennett @ StudioWorks, 7 pm
June 28: Artist Talk, Cathleen Faubert @ StudioWorks, 7 pm
July 26: Artist Talk, Cindy Steiler @ StudioWorks, 7 pm
July 27: Preservation Talk, Arron Sturgis @ Seaman’s Church, 7 pm
August 17: Architect Talk, Bruce Norelius @ Seaman’s Church, 7 pm
August 23: Artist Talk, Amanda Thackray @ StudioWorks, 7 pm
September 20: Artist Talk, Ani Hoover & Maisie Maeve Myfawnwy Broome @ StudioWorks, 7 pm
November 15: Artist Talk, Stephen Randall @ StudioWorks, 7 pm


Tides Institute & Museum of Art StudioWorks Artist Talk Series (2013- ):

Formalized in 2013 with the launching of TIMA’s StudioWorks Artist-in-Residence program, TIMA presents a series of artist talks each year by artists participating in the program. A full list of the artists participating in the program who have given talks can be found through the program’s alumni listing: StudioWorks Artist Alumni 2013- .

Tides Institute & Museum of Art Architect Talk Series (2010- ):

Beginning in 2010, TIMA launched an annual cross-border architect talk with participating architects from the U.S. and Canada.

2010: Brian Mackay-Lyons, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
2011: Kiel Moe, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Jon Calame, historic preservationist, Eastport, Maine.
2012: Carol Wilson, Falmouth, Maine.
2013: Julian Smith, Director of Willowbank, Queenston, Ontario.
2014: Stephen Kopp and Monica Adair, Acre Architects, Saint John, New Brunswick.
2015: John Leroux, Fredericton, New Brunswick.
2016: Omar Gandhi, Toronto, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia.
2017: Bruce Norelius, Santa Monica, California and Brooksville, Maine.

Tides Institute & Museum of Art Preservationist Talk Series (2016- ):

Beginning in 2016, TIMA launched an annual cross-border preservationist talk with participating preservations from the U.S. and Canada.

2016: Scott Hanson, Topsham, Maine
2017: Arron Sturgis, Berwick, Maine

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