Cultural Talks

2017 Architect Talk by architect, Bruce Norelius, at TIMA’s 1828 Seaman’s Church building.

Each year, TIMA presents a number of cultural talks ranging from artist talks and open studios by artists participating in TIMA’s StudioWorks Artist-in-Residence program, an annual series of talks by architects and historic preservationists, as well as additional cultural talks by scholars and others. TIMA expects to expand upon this series of talks in the future.

2017 Cultural Talks

May 31: Artist Talk & Open Studio, Elizabeth Bennett @ StudioWorks, 7 pm
June 28: Artist Talk & Open Studio, Cathleen Faubert @ StudioWorks, 7 pm
July 26: Artist Talk & Open Studio, Cindy Steiler @ StudioWorks, 7 pm
July 27: Preservation Talk, Arron Sturgis @ Seaman’s Church, 7 pm
August 17: Architect Talk, Bruce Norelius @ Seaman’s Church, 7 pm
August 23: Artist Talk & Open Studio, Amanda Thackray @ StudioWorks, 7 pm
September 20: Artist Talk & Open Studio, Ani Hoover & Maisie Maeve Myfawnwy Broome @ StudioWorks, 7 pm

Tides Institute & Museum of Art StudioWorks Artist Talk & Open Studio Series (2013- ):

Formalized in 2013 with the launching of TIMA’s StudioWorks Artist-in-Residence program, TIMA presents a series of artist talks & open studios each year by artists participating in the program. A full list of the artists participating in the program who have given talks can be found through the program’s alumni listing: StudioWorks Artist Alumni 2013- .

Tides Institute & Museum of Art Architect Talk Series (2010- ):

Beginning in 2010, TIMA launched an annual cross-border architect talk with participating architects from the U.S. and Canada.

2010: Brian Mackay-Lyons, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
2011: Kiel Moe, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Jon Calame, historic preservationist, Eastport, Maine.
2012: Carol Wilson, Falmouth, Maine.
2013: Julian Smith, Director of Willowbank, Queenston, Ontario.
2014: Stephen Kopp and Monica Adair, Acre Architects, Saint John, New Brunswick.
2015: John Leroux, Fredericton, New Brunswick.
2016: Omar Gandhi, Toronto, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia.
2017: Bruce Norelius, Santa Monica, California and Brooksville, Maine.

Tides Institute & Museum of Art Preservationist Talk Series (2016- ):

Beginning in 2016, TIMA launched an annual cross-border preservationist talk with participating preservationists from the U.S. and Canada.

2016: Scott Hanson, Topsham, Maine
2017: Arron Sturgis, Berwick, Maine

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