Alumni (2013- )

Carlos Uribe, silkscreen artist from New York City and artist in residence at StudioWorks, August, 2015.

Carlos Uribe, silkscreen artist from New York City, and artist in residence at StudioWorks, August, 2015.

2013 Artists in Residence @ StudioWorks:

Alexis Callender (New York, New York) / July: Alexis Callender
Edwige Charlot (Portland, Maine) / October: Edwige Charlot
Joe Kievitt (Portland, Maine) / August: Joe Kievitt
Christine Wong Yap (New York, New York) / June: Christine Wong Yap

2014 Artists in Residence @ StudioWorks:

Alice Case (Los Angeles, California) / October: Alice Case
Maria Dimanshtein (Brooklyn, New York) / Mid-May to mid-June: Maria Dimanshtein
Joanne Kaliontzis (Boston, Massachusetts) / September: Joanne Kaliontzis
Martha Lewis (New Haven, Connecticut) / August: Martha Lewis
Megan Singleton (St. Louis, Missouri) / July: Megan Singleton

2015 Artists in Residence @ StudioWorks:

Josef Beery (Free Union, Virginia) / September: Josef Beery
Alicia Eggert (Marlton, New Jersey) / May: Alicia Eggert
Tasha Lewis (New York, New York) / October – November: Tasha Lewis
Mike Marks (Yarmouth, Maine) / June: Mike Marks
Chason Matthams (New York, New York) / July: Chason Matthams
Carlos Uribe (New York, New York) / August: Carlos Uribe

2016 Artists in Residence @ StudioWorks:

Seliena Coyle (Derry City, NORTHERN IRELAND) / May: Seliena Coyle
Janice Wright Cheney (Fredericton, New Brunswick, CANADA) / June: Janice Wright Cheney
Sebastian Collett (Asheville, North Carolina) / July: Sebastian Collett
Richelle Gribble (Redondo Beach, California) / late August – late September: Richelle Gribble
Kate M.S. Hoffman (Los Angeles, California) / June: Kate M.S. Hoffman
Eunjung Hwang (New York, New York) / mid-September – mid-October: Eunjung Hwang
Kathleen McDermott (Troy, New York) / late July – late August: Kathleen McDermott
Will Rose (London, ENGLAND) / late July – late August: Will Rose
Andrea Sulzer (Woolwich, Maine) / mid-October – mid-November: Andrea Sulzer

2017 Artists in Residence @ StudioWorks:

Elizabeth Bennett (Cupertino, California): Elizabeth Bennett
Maisie Maeve Myfawnwy Broome (Brooklyn, New York): Maisie Maeve Myfawnwy Broome
Cathleen Faubert (Norman, Oklahoma): Cathleen Faubert
Rachel Gross (Hartland, Vermont): Rachel Gross
Ani Hoover (Buffalo, New York): Ani Hoover
Cindy Steiler (Gainesville, Florida): Cindy Steiler
Amanda Thackray (Newark, New Jersey): Amanda Thackray
Shoshannah White (Portland, Maine): Shoshannah White
Sean Wolfe (Portland, Maine): Sean Wolfe
Charley Young (Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA): Charley Young

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